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Re: Depressed about my Marriage.....Need advice

Are you my ex husband? Just kidding. I am saying that as he must have felt the same way you do. I was never physiaclly attracted to my husband except he had a handsome face sometimes. I married him because he was a straight talker, knew what he wanted and how to get it and we both wanted a family with a stay at home mom. I thought maybe the attraction piece was not that important and a mature relationship was based on other things. I was so wrong, as attraction is what binds you when all else is floundering. So we had no glue.

If you havent had chidlren (and it sounds like not yet), you may want to have a heart to heart with her and just state that its not working. You will get depressed and possibly angry and resentful as the years go by... mine did and we divorced after 10 years and 2 kids and 3 straight years without sex, or any affection, kissing, hugging etc. Now we will share 50-50 custody of our 2 kids for the next 12 years. There were a few other issues, but you deserve and can find someone who will love you for who you are, unless you are a sh!t and I just dont know it Make a clean break before you get any more mixed up... and besides she married you for money anyway, doesnt that make you feel used?

Bottom line: leave her and dont look back, she is after your money if she has hissy fits from not getting enough from your family business!! That is awful. Go heal from this and find someone who loves you for you! DOnt even think twice about it, this is a no brainer if what you are sharing is correct.

Best of luck... get a good lawyer since you can afford one as she may try dirty tricks to get alot of your money since that is her obvious passion.
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