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Do I give him another chance?

I recently took a break from my bf of 2 1/2 years, cause he has angry outbursts. I recored the last outburst on my hidden camera to show our anger managment therapist. My mom listened to the tape and told me she was dissapointed a would stand for that S**t.
My bf loves me very much, probably more than I love him. We both have our own set of problems and I suggested we work on them individually but he thinks otherwise and wants me back.
He's also diabetic at age 30 and is in complete denial and gets upset when I educated him one it.
He also gambles online with his friends (This is a source of his anger which he as "Promised" to stop).
So far he has "promised" to take better care of his health and see our anger managment lady on his own. (He listened to the tape and was very upset for treating me like that and was very sorry).
Me on the otherhand have ALWAYS worried about everything. I have so much anxiety and depression built up it makes me wonder about this relationship. We talk about marriage and kids and all i do is worry. He's Jewish and I'm Catholic that worries me too. We aren't totally compatable and that worries me too. I worry to the point that I can't make a decision about anything... relationships, career, goals etc.
But by bf has supported me and encouraged me and I love him for that. I feel we can make eachother better. I just don't know if I should give it a chance? A chance to continue planning our life together, we were saving for a house and a wedding?

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