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Re: Do I give him another chance?

Other than a close bond with my mother I have friends that I have had for a long time but I have alienated myself from them as a consequence to the depression, I don't feel like talking or doing social things. My good friend who I moved away from 10 years ago but we remain close has been a good ear and has listened to nothing but my venting and complaining. I haven’t portrayed my bf in the best light to her and she thinks I can do better. But I still feel drawn to my BF especially if he worked out his problems. I want to believe him when he says he will change... presently I think he will but long term I worry he will fall back into old habits.
I wonder how normal it is... after you been with someone for a while and your difference and serious issues start to surface. Is it a normal process to doubt and tweak the relationship to work?
My mother and my friend disagree saying you can't fix something that was never made to work.
I don't want to use the excuse that I’m 30 and want to get married and have children cause the opportunity presented itself.
I think my anxiety is putting more pressure on me and creating too much fear. A fear of making a mistake and having regrets?
I really don't know who is more the problem... me or my BF. He thinks everything is fine minus a few obstacles that he is over coming... problem solved... I on the other hand feel like I’m sabotaging a potentialy good relationship cause of negative thinking and foreseeing problems.
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