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Unhappy I just dont feel anything for him anymore.

I have never done anything like this before. I am 23 years old and married to a man 10 years older than me..this may will be out 1 year anniversary. We dated for about 9 months and it was great, we would go out to bars, party, and have fun. Then I found out i was pregnant. Not really what we wanted to happen! We struggles a lot with what to do. He wanted an abortion, I was going to do it...but ended up not being able to emotionally. We have a beautiful 1 1/1 year old lil girl. She is great. I am a nursing student and he works in a financial company. I have had problems with him lieing, i found some emails to other women that he knew and things were discussed that shouldnt have been. He also has a problem with smoking marijuana. He hides it in the garage and smokes when i am gone or he thinks i am sleeping. I have threatened to leave, left for a couple days..but come back because of our daughter. I dont want to be 23 with a child and divorced. But with all of the lies, I no longer trust him and I'm to the point I dont love him anymore. I dont want to kiss him, hug him, or be intimate with him. I am just staying for my daughter. I dont know what to do. Should I be fair to myself and him and leave. He said he would go to counseling I agreed and came back to him after telling him i wanted to seperate. I told him to find a therpist and set it all up. He said he called two places. One said they were full and the other he said hasnt called him back. I told him to call them again and he hasn't. Its like he just thinks well she came back so now we can forget about the counseling. I think i made a mistake coming back.. but can i sorry i changed my mind again i dont want to be with you after 3 weeks? Im so upset, confused, depressed, and stressed! Any one else gone throught something similar?

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