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Re: I'm Sick of my Internet Cheating/chatting A__ husband

Becareful Angel you could really just hurt yourself by acting out this way. I would try and go about it a little differently. We all know that we can get a man on top of us in the blink of an eye. Is that what you really want? This is usually what you get when you are in the "Revenge" mode of operation. You are right about the ex-girlfriend but it is a whole other kettle of fish if he is the father of this girls child...that will never go away. I would do the following:
1) request transparency on the laptop and cell phone so you can see his history and absolutely no chat lines! they are a downward spiral
2) get dna testing on child to verify if he is the father
3) spend time with your precious baby and do not argue in front of the child, they hear and sense more than we realize
4) love yourself enough to know that there is a higher place for your relationhip to evolve too in time
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