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Need Help before I make Myself sick!!

I need help with a decision on what to do.. Quick background for anyone that has not read my post before. I found out in Aug 2010 that my husband was having a EA. They talked on the phone everyday and would meet at the race track every weekend. He races cars and she is the track hoe. Anyway we have been working on getting our marraige back on track for the most part we have been doing great alittle bumps here and there trying not to throw the EA in his face anymore Very hard to do and I am working on trusting again which is still a big problem for me even though he hasn't done anything that I know of since Aug. So where is my problem I am telling with now. My husband wants to race May 31st which is a Monday he has off the next time so it doesn't matter if he comes in at 3am from the track but me I have to work and will not be able to go. One of the problems in our marriage was that I didn't support him with racing so I have been to every race since Aug and have started learning more about the racecars. The track that he wants to race at without me is where the OW stays at so he will be there with her alone. He says he just wants to race his car(that is what he said during the EA) not spend/talk to the OW. I don't want to stop him but I feel very nerves about him being at the track with her and me at home. I have made my self sick thinking about it. He asked if he could go race and I told him how I felt about him going without me. He was disappointed but said he may not go now because he want have help( not that it would upset me). I don't know what to do..I feel like if he goes he is picking the OW over me again. What would you do in my shoes?

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