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Re: Ten Myths About Men

Originally Posted by Crypsys View Post
We do communicate, just differently then women do. We try to solve the problems, women try to just generally talk about them. The problem isn't that we don't talk, it's just we generally talk a different "language" then the ladies.
My H and I got in a debate about this. I think this is also a myth. Throughout the week i pointed out to my H when he wanted me to just listen instead of trying to solve his problems. For example he has some very hormonal male coworkers (one being his boss) that are really getting on his nerves. he talks about the frustration of being put in the middle of their diatribes. He talks about wanting to retire all the time. he talks about wanting to move and how much he misses where he grew up. He stresses about money all the time. He doesnt want me to try and solve these problems for him, he just wants me to listen.

Sometimes people want to be listened to, and sometimes they want solutions. and you might also consider what it means to solve a problem. if a "good" outcome results, the problem has been solved. Maybe too many men get grid locked into "this is how to solve it" instead of realizing there are many ways to solve a problem

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