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Re: Marriage is becoming unstable

Why yes, just what you needed is someone to tell you your wife is a jealous psycho with trust issues. Oh cripes!

If you didn't get my message the first time, here it is again. You caused her a lot of pain in the past concerning these women. You were wrong then, and you are wrong now. No, I am not a jealous psycho with trust issues sitting here trying to commiserate with your wife. Nor do I call myself a counselor who can't counsel. I am simply saying you need to learn how to show your wife you love her. She needs you to do more than say the words. This incident arose and instead of honoring her and showing her what she means to you, you opted to show her your past relationships and the memories of them mean more to you than she does. You should have handled the situation better. When you are in divorce court, you will regret this and all the other times and opportunities you let slide by just for the sake of resisting and just for the sake of being right. You will want to apologize and become a better man and husband to her. But it will be too late. If you don't believe me, spend some time reading on these forums. You will surely be convinced. But then, I have no idea how much she means to you and if you would like to avoid that ever happening. Just like your wife has no idea what she means to you.

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