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Re: Red flags in Marriage - time to end?

Your ages?

What's the basic story on the schooling for you both?

How often does she travel and what is the general context of the trips? Vegas conventions, new employee recruitment, visiting suppliers, visiting customers?

If you do confront her, record it. Your cell phone can be used for that function, or buy a good Sony voice-activate-recorder and have it in your pocket. The reason is so you can go back later. I always missed things when having confrontations or discussions with my stbxw. Then later, maybe an hour maybe a couple of days, the light would go on and I'd wonder what exactly she said. Did she say what I remember or was it slightly different? Practice so you know how to operate the recorder and ensure it makes no sounds, beeps, etc during use.

You may find minor inconsistencies. It is not certain those are proof of anything, because memories are quite fallible. If she says she went somewhere at 2:30 and you have gps proof it wasn't until 3:00 it isn't necessarily a lie. So when you record the conversation, pay attention to details but don't be hair trigger to convict her.

I would review all the financial statements and phone bills going back several years. Look for those oddball things. Also, carefully search for any hidden secret cell phones or other suspicious items (condoms, condom wrappers, hotel key cards, love notes, gifts, etc). Make sure you put everything back precisely as you found it. Her closet and all the clothing, bags, shoes, etc. Her dresser. Her car including every cubby and compartment, even the spare tire area.

I would VAR her car and keylog the family computer if she uses that.

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