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Re: Wife still cheating. I just filed for D

NOTE TO SELF: I am not the Original Poster, my "wife" is not still cheating, and I have not filed for divorce. I am a female person so I have no "wife" LOL My husband isn't cheating either! LOL And I am ecstatically married to @Tanelornpete

I'm not sure what happened to this thread, but the OP is @collin8550. Without reposting the original post (because I can't remember it), in summary he caught his wife cheating, she won't stop the affair, he filed for D and she blew up his phone with texts and calls. I replied...


There's an easy way to block her from texting you: Turn your cell phone off!!

Unless there is BLOOD or FIRE she has no need to contact you, period. The chances of BLOOD or FIRE are pretty slim, and if there is BLOOD or FIRE she should call 911 first, anyway.

TURN YOUR PHONE OFF...and go about the rest of your night in peace.

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