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Originally Posted by Jponce06 View Post
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Doing pretty good Collins. We've all been there. I'll try to make my 2 cents short.
I was thinking of revenge sex with the POSOMs mother... A
Hahaha holy ****...a good way to get shot. Just wow...was the POSOM younger or were you willing to sleep with a much older woman as a **** you, to him?
It wasn't close to happening. Just typical stuff that goes thru a BS mind. Like I said... She was nuts anyway but she provided lots of intel that I used against her son & WW legally and put me in a better position protect myself and son.

I'm in my mid 40s. He was 21 back then. His last female was a 20 yr old... Cute, but not worth touching and a drug and booze addict.

So no... Not close to touching that. Just mean fantasy to hurt someone.
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