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Re: Wife still cheating. I just filed for D

You're making a mistake telling her there's still a chance for reconciliation if she "eventually stops cheating". That is a tremendous sign of weakness and shows you have no boundaries and are still totally cool being Plan B. It shows your weakness to her, but more importantly, you're not being respectful to yourself.

Your cheating wife is a classic manipulator, and even though you've filed, she still has you wrapped around her finger. She is still in control. Make no mistake - she still lusts after and is "in love" (it's not real love of course) with the posom. Losing you is simply losing her comfortable married life and all the perks that come with it. It's not YOU she's afraid of losing - it's the marriage and the status that comes with.

Why would you want to be with someone who thinks so little of you, has ZERO respect for you, and sorry, but doesn't love you, or at least not a healthy, real love?

Be warned: if she somehow convinces you she's actually done with her AP and you take her back - your life will NOT be any better than if you divorce her. Divorce and losing 50% of your access to your children SUCKS. I went through it - I see my kids Fri-Mon. But the alternative - living with someone who betrayed you in the worst way possible - treated you worse than their worst enemy, put you at risk of disease, disrespected you in the ultimate way, and counts you as Plan B - is FAR worse than being divorced and starting a new life. Your trust is gone, and you will never, ever get it back. Believe me. Living a life without trust in your spouse, constantly wondering and worrying, and on top of that, living with the anger and resentment towards them for what they already did to you - is no way to live.

I hope you make the right decision for yourself and your kids. Good luck, and I'm sorry you're here.
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