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Re: It's a VERY fresh wound and it HURTS

Originally Posted by MJJEAN View Post
I'd be surprised, given the history you have described, if this was his only affair. Were I you, I'd seriously consider paying for him to take a polygraph before making any decisions.

I would doubt that this is "all" there was to it. If you read some of the other threads on here, you'll get familiar with the term "trickle truth". He's only going to give you a little at a time and usually only what you already know. I haven't dealt with any fidelity (& hope I never do) but trickle truth is a part of nearly every single story of infidelity (so is gaslighting).

I'm sorry you're here; it's especially bad timing for you. I hope your childs birth goes well for you & baby.

Others will be along to give better advice to you. . . .

"Life always offers you a second chance. It's called tomorrow."

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