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new here: proof of impending PA, do I intervene?

I am new, but have been a reader for a while. my W has been having sort of flirty texting with an old friend of ours (older married cop with kids), she doesnt know that I have seen any of the messages. all sudden she now has made herself a trip with my daughter to go see this friend and their family, while staying at her uncles. There is texting indicating they plan to get together thou of course not specific about anything, however I think a PA is very likely.
I dont have lot time right now but I will check in tomorrow again with more details, my question is do I intervene now and stop this dead on its tracks or let the chips fall where they may and let her have her so confused and have read so much am not sure what to do....if someone doesnt want to be with me let them do whatever they not going to stop her if this is who she is to be able to do something like this and ruin her terrified, hurt , angry but trying keep my cool and not blow anything up just yet.....the trip is around new years, several states away...married for 14yrs, 3 not aware of any issues in our marriage....all is well as far as am aware.

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