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Re: Where to go from here?

Yes, blame the medicine, Amitriptyline. The drug should be banned.

Note: being depressed and having anxiety issues often makes one susceptible to infidelity. This drug was the catalyst. It lowered her inhibitions and increased her desire for sex. Rational thoughts and facts do not change one's opinions when on this drug.

Not what do you do?

You now have a cheating wife, a lying wife and she is the mother of your children.

She needs to get off the drug. She needs to admit to her wayward ways. She needs to have a Jesus Moment. Those are very big needs. She was wounded and impaired before she got on the drugs and became worse after she took them. Can she do those "needs" for you to move forward? I have my doubts. Do you?

If she does this, you need to look at her carefully. You then need to determine if there is anything worth salvaging.

Cheating is unforgivable for most. But lying and Gaslighting her husband takes the cake. The cake that her lips ate.

Do you move out? Not if you want to "try" to bring her back to some form of acceptable mental health.

She will make the decision for you by her actions and words going forward. Tell her that the marriage is on the line. You are hanging on by a thin thread.

Ask her, "What are you going to do about this?" "If you keep lying then I have no choice but to file for divorce".

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