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Re: Infidelity Its More Than Just Cheating

Originally Posted by morituri View Post
Lets remember that there are many marriages that would be considered primed for infidelity yet none of the spouses ever crossed over the line. Was it because of a lack of opportunity? I would venture to say that it is because of one thing, BOUNDARIES.
Great input. Having boundaries is an extension of commitment, one of the three pillars of a successful relationship. With commitment, a couple can have a bad day, week and sometimes year, but still find the strength to re-energize the relationship.

Per my post, I care more about intent than just committed acts of infidelity. If one recalls, the AM hack exposed many marriages in which the husband had attempted to find an affair partner but failed.

I advise individuals to not settle for affairs or sub-par relationships but to always strive for bliss. As the new year rolls in, it would be a good time for individuals to address the relational flaws that allow for cheating to occur but to also return to the mutually beneficial relationship model of unconditional love.
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