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Wives (and husbands) who don't want their partner using porn

There have been several threads on here about what it seems to be mainly wives wanting divorces because their husbands have been watching porn.

Personally, my wife doesn't have a problem with me watching porn, or me her, and I do it from time to time, if our sex life is really frequent I basically don't use it at all but have had dry spells in the past where I would have used it 3 or 4 times a week. She has told me she's looked at it a few times but it didn't do anything for her. She's more into erotic books.

I got to wondering what is it about watching porn that is the problem?

Do they honestly think their men are doing anything other than masturbating with something impersonal and arousing to look at?
Where do they stand on romantic / erotic fiction, vibrators, "chick flicks" etc which all encourage them to imagine themselves swept away and ravished by some hunk other than their husband (ok not the vibrators !!!) ?
Is it lying about porn is the issue rather than the porn itself?
Do men feel the same way about their women watching porn alone?
How do these women feel about masturbation?
Do these women have lots of sex with their husbands?
Do these women ever talk about sex with their husbands?
Is it a power / control thing in that there is nothing else they can shame their husbands about except this?

The only reason I use women above is that I never see threads from men about this stuff.

Anyone got any input?
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