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Re: Wives (and husbands) who don't want their partner using porn

Originally Posted by Good Guy View Post
Anyone got any input?
Many women have body issues and that their husband's use of porn emphasizes her own self esteem issues with weight, best size, hair color, and so on.

Many husbands LIE to their wives about porn use and it is hard to love someone that is constantly lying in a relationship.

Porn for the most part is unrealistic. Some women struggle to reconcile their husband's view of sexuality of what he has been seen in porn versus what actually happens in the marriage bed.

Many men use porn as an EASY and alternate way to relieve sexual tension as opposed to taking the time needed to deal with ongoing issues in a relationship. Generally speaking sexual tension should motivate a man to solve problems in a marriage sooner than later, but porn will more often than not just allow him ignore things.

Some wives struggle with the idea that their husband's sexuality is just an arbitrary drive and that any available outlet to relieve sexual tension will work. Porn use emphasizes this idea and makes her begin to feel used during intimacy in the marriage.

Husbands that use porn are often overstimulated and may begin having trouble enjoying natural intercourse.

Most importantly those experiencing problems in their marriage are often completely unable to address the problems listed above in a respectful and confident manner. Most revelations of the above will destroy self confidence and result in bitter disputes.

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