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Re: Wives (and husbands) who don't want their partner using porn

Originally Posted by badsanta View Post
Many women have body issues and that their husband's use of porn emphasizes her own self esteem issues with weight, best size, hair color, and so on.
Not if you watch granny porn

I think women fail to realize that we husbands are not as motivated by our wives looks as they think we are. A sexy attitude and an open mind in regards to sex trumps looks every damn time.

My wife is 50 years old and she is sexier to me today than when we first got married. Truth.

That's my opinion and I'm stickin to it!

"I know now how it came to me, I was sittin around one day, after my second divorce, I said hey, maybe if I learned how to f$ck real good I wouldn't have to give away everything I f$cking own every five f$cking years!"
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