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Re: "Til Porn Do Us Part"

It doesn't surprise me.

But, here's the thing. Do the people for whom porn is a factor in choosing to divorce, really think they will find someone who doesn't use it----even semi-regularly? I think that is almost impossible at this point.

Men whose wives prefer porn to them seems incomprehensible to me. I think if a man had a wife who got off to porn on her own, or who insisted they watch porn during sex; could easily find another woman who didn't like porn at all.

For women, I don't think it's possible to find a "clean" guy. I'm probably projecting my own experiences for sure.

It's more a matter of degrees. There's a lady on TAM now whose husband eventually got to using animal porn. So yeah, animal porn, child porn, rape porn----I don't want to have sex with someone who finds that stuff acceptable or arousing, it's repellent. That's truly divorce worthy.

As for the rest, if you are a woman and you want to be married and have a life companion and sex partner, perhaps someone to have kids with; it seems to me that you have to accept the fact that to some degree, he will always be drooling after women in porn.

The price he pays for that is that there will always be a place in me that is not accessible to him sexually. And that I don't have full respect for him as a sexual man.
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