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Question Is it bad enough to divorce over?

I dated my wife for 6 years and have been married to her for 1. Recently I found out that she had messaged an acquaintance of hers 2 1/2 years into our relationship. I'm not exactly sure what the messages said but I found out by discovering semi-nude photos of this man on her email account. They were sent 4 years ago while we were living together and dating.

She has explained to me that the reason she did this was because of a bad fight her and I got into along with me betraying her trust by signing onto a dating website while offshore working. I assured her that the dating website was simply used by me and another guy for 3 days for entertainment while operations were slow. I know this is no excuse for my behavior but I feel like texting some one and exchanging seductive pictures while I am away at work is way worse than scrolling through profiles on a dating website.

I've had this perception of my wife as this extremely loyal but jealous person for 7 years now. Now that I've found out she's capable of being emotionally unfaithful, my perception of her has changed. The thing I valued most in a spouse, loyalty, is now gone. I know its sound hypocritical of me since I betrayed her trust first, but is there a way I can get past this?

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