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Is it bad enough to divorce over?


firstly who are you to be so betrayed the trust first and because of that most likely made your wife feel hugely insecure, hence seeking validation from another male to give her an ego boost.

I don't think it's the right way to resolve what you had did to her, but I can understand why she did it.

And secondly, you signed up to a dating website as "operations were slow" that is no excuse, haven't you heard of Netflix or Xbox, do that with your spare time, instead of creeping on other women's profiles.

I don't think it would be responsible of you to try and seek revenge for her email correspondence as it would just be a vicious cycle and will only make matters much worse.

If you love your wife then try to see what she did was a direct result of your behaviour. Try to talk things through with each other and if you both decide the marriage is worth saving then seek some relationship counselling and try and move forward and forgive one another.

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