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Re: bedroom talk has left me feeling awful

Originally Posted by uncertain- View Post
Am i finding another issue with our relationship when there isnt one?

My partner and i have always had a very active for-filling sex life. We have daily or twice daily sex. if we don't he mastubates so Im thinking HD. We do a lot of fantisy talk as well. Im just wondering if a lot of men or at least straight men express desire when they are really turned on to have another man penetrate them? I know he plays with his g spot and I get that, but Im feeling a bit uncertain that this isnt somthing more?

If you are a guy does this ring like a hetro fantasy or real desires to be with a man?
I'm not sure about the bolded part. In my select sample size of previous partners, it's not something I've heard of, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happened. That being said, rear entry can provide a lot of pleasure in terms of stimulating the prostate, and there are a lot of nerve endings back there that can feel really good when stimulated.

Have the two of you ever discussed you using a strap-on on him? He might really enjoy that. He may not necessarily be looking for a male partner, he may just want the penetration part, and if you can provide that for him, it might be all good.

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