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I am trapped in a relationship.

So I have only been in 2 very serious relationships, my first girlfriend and I were together for 3 years. She was 14 and I was 16 when we started dating. We took each other V card and almost grew up and matured together. We broke up because I was a typical young guy that wanted to be with all the other girls but wanted her to stick with me. About 6 months later I met my current girlfriend which is two years older than I am.

Being older than I am I believed that it would be a much more mature relationship. In the beginning sex was FANTASTIC she would surprise me with sex and make a effort to satisfy my sexual desires. And then about 1 year in everything changed like a flip of a switch. She became over attached and jealous to the point where I had to remove myself from every social media website, she deleted all my contacts off my phone and monitored my phone on a daily basis. I thought it was just a stage and she would get over it as I didn't do anything to make her doubt me, after another year of over jealous rages and fits whenever we go somewhere it just got worse. When we watch TV and she sees the age restriction shows sex and nudity she changes the channel or covers my eyes like I am 12 years old. She also stopped wanting to have sex or let me explore her body (I am not allowed to see her nude) we have spoken about it and it always end in a argument or a physical fight where she would scratch my neck or even punch me in the face and then later she would tell me she is sorry and that she knows she is wrong but she will change. I have now become resentful towards her for treating me like a criminal always making me feel like I have done something wrong. Due to some unfortunate life circumstances I was homeless and moved in with her and her folks during our relationship, I don't earn enough money to live on my own and regardless of me telling her time and time again I want to move out with her, she refuses to work and just doesn't me serious.

A couple of weeks ago we had a argument that once again became physical, I told her I would leave her, she then told me that she knows where I work and would make my life hell if I had to leave her, she threatened to tell my bosses I smoke pot, and she would also damage my car by blowing off my Tyres and breaking my windows, petrified of losing my job and not having anywhere else to stay I am forced to make peace with her. I have no idea what to do as I know this girl isn't right for me but I am trapped and have no way out?

Anyone have some advice on what I should do? I really need some help as I am being abused and I am not even married?

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