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Re: After Holiday and 2nd D-day anniversary UPDATE

Originally Posted by threelittlestars View Post
I would say though the holidays sucked in regards to health, I felt regardless my husband was more present trying harder than I have ever seen him to make sure we were all okay. Kids and me included.

I think I was internally sabotaging positive feeling because of resentments in the beginning, but he stuck through not letting my attitude confuse him or anger him.

i ended my holidays thinking he was really wonderful, and that maybe Im just being a ***** now because I'm still mad sometimes. But I'm working through that anger.

We are choosing for now No marriage counseling. We think we may be in a place to do that in March. Ic is covered by insurance and Marriage counseling is not. But its not just financial reasons. I think Marriage counseling right now could rip open too easily festered wounds. I want those wounds to loose their sting just a little.
I read somewhere--and this was said in jest, but they always say that humor carries a small nugget of truth--that marriage counseling doesn't fix marriages, it just teaches couple to be more effective at arguing. So maybe it's not a bad idea to let those wounds start to heal a little bit first.

Have you considered seeing a pre-licensed therapist? They are therapists who have finished all their training, but need to do a certain number of hours of pre-license sessions before they qualify to practice on their own. So they are basically working under the supervision of other therapists/counselors (but those other therapists don't sit in your sessions). They are usually MUCH more affordable than a therapist who has already been licensed. My XH and I saw a pre-licensed therapist for our MC, and she was wonderful. Well, I thought she was wonderful. I don't know what my XH thought, but he chose her, so...

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