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Re: Why would anyone want to be married to someone who they have to give a polygraph

Originally Posted by naiveonedave View Post
My $0.02. It nominally proves that the WS is at least now telling the truth (in as much as you can believe a poly). It also gives them reassurance that TT has stopped (especially if the questions are broad enough, like were there more APs than A, B and C and did PIV happen).

I think that one main thing holding many/most BS back is they don't know what they don't know AND they know they don't know. Passing a poly more or less means they know everything. Maybe not all the details, but the main things.

At this point they can start to figure out if they can R or not, etc. I takes them away for what if x, y or z, to can I live with what the WS did. Gives them some knowledge, which in turn gives them power.

If you haven't been there, maybe you won't understand the power of it. Once cheated on, you really shouldn't trust anything your WS says that you can't verify. Some stuff you can't verify, or it would be really hard to do. Poly may get you there.
I get what it is for but I think it's really reality, common sense, and logic holding the BS back and not TT, and rightfully so. Reality is, no one should stay with someone who could degrade you in such a horrible way. You know who normally take poly's criminals and ex-cons. It's a shame that a polygraph is encouraged as a way to move forward.
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