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What are you doing?

I know this is a silly complaint. I fully recognize that. I have been trying to get over it, but it's one of those things that has been irritating me for years and years.

When my wife greets me remotely, over the phone or from the other side of the house, she doesn't say "How are you doing?" but instead says "What are you doing?"

I believe her family was much closer than mine and loved to share all their activities all the time, so saying "What are you doing?" is her way of asking what is going on my life. That's all it is. Nothing sinister about it.

Unfortunately, my instinct is not to take it that way. To me it's an invasion of my privacy. I immediately feel pressured to report on whatever I'm doing, which might be something she feels is unproductive and therefore I will be judged on what I say.

Am I crazy to feel this way? Perhaps so. It's smaller than a small thing. It's very minor and not a huge deal. It just gets old after a while..

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