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Go to Visit, she spends half the night in her room...WTF?

Come over for one of my visits to my GF's. She has back trouble, so she moves around, lies on the floor, etc. No big deal. Then she says she wants to lie down in her bed as it's comfy. Again, no big deal. Asks me to join her, bring a movie for the new Blu Ray player she got for Xmas. I grab one, but the player doesn't work. "OKay," she said. "You can leave now, I need alone time." I grab my stuff to go (planned on overnight), but she says I can stay. She falls asleep. I went back to my place about an hour ago. I got three texts asking where I went.

She recently got on new medication, but I chalk this up to disrespect. You ask me over and then do this? I'm not planning on coming back now, unless I did something egregious. Because as I see it, she did. She has 4 nights a week to be alone. I'd be okay with this if we lived together, but we don't. Has anyone ever done this?

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