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Cool Re: Wife had a 6 month "emotional affair" with a married man

6 months worth of dates and no banging?

Google the Sidney Sherman Bridge in Houston and I'll sell it to you for $10 if they didn't find themselves a nice secluded place away from you in which to let their drawers hit the floor at least once within a six months time span!

Think that it's high time to do "the 180" and to start lawyer shopping so that you can be immediately advised of both your custodial and property rights!

And on your way over to the barristers office, be sure to drop by and visit your personal MD to insure that she hasn't exactly given you "something to remember her by!"

In addition, you might also notify the OM's wife as well as your wife's company's HR Department, as a lot of companies these days do not exactly subscribe to "drawer dropping fraternization" on or off of the clock, more especially with other company employees!

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