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Re: Wife had a 6 month "emotional affair" with a married man

Read some of the threads I have started if you want the move on opinion. Whatever you do, don't be weak. It will get you nowhere. Your wife needs consequences, very much like a child. Really if she isn't going to do the work you are better off just calling it. You may not be happy but you won't for sure if she is going to blame her affair on you.

If it was me I would serve her. You can always change your mind. Also tell the guys wife.

Also be aware if you do decided to stay you will always get the worst of the deal. It will always be unfair, you need to be able to live with that, if you can't move on now because the alternative is having it eat you up inside and make you miserable.

Sorry dude.

And you don't date for 5 months and not have sex, she is lying.

Tell his wife, serve your wife.

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