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Re: Wife had a 6 month "emotional affair" with a married man

Originally Posted by cam42 View Post
For my own sanity I know she was bull****ting me and I know she's been ****ing this guy. I don't want a divorce and I feel like a fool for that. This is my wife the mother of my kids, the woman who's been my best friend. I'm angry, so ****ing angry. I'm going to give her one more chance to come clean about the whole affair, I also know of a night in particular where I'm sure she met up with him somewhere. How am I going to get passed the fact that my wife was being physical with this *******? I need to be emotionally stronger here. I told the other man's wife. I feel so emotionally frustrated and sick **** I still love her and she said she still loves me. My wife had a ****ing boyfriend.
Yes she did. Don't make any decisions now if you can't. Work on getting stronger. Just remember love is not enough. I still say file, you can always change your mind but your wife needs to be shocked out of her comfort zone. Right now she is in dream land.

The truth is you have no idea right now how you will fell, 6 month, 2 year, 20 years from now. This is why it makes more sense to not even think about that. Try to use your logic not emotions to guide you.

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