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Planning holidays, dates etc

I come to realise that my husband and I would do little except sit at home if I did not end up with planning holidays, going on dates to the movies, theater, dinner, meeting mutual friends, etc. He has booked (or his secretary did) one holiday at Christmas and booked a get away before that for us two alone, granted but I would wait perhaps once a year for that.

I work full time but see the burden falls on me. However, when it comes to planning golf outings my H is very good at that, even getting up very early in the morning to book a flight for him and his cronies before the crowd gets in or to go to his gym.
I have concluded that people expend energy in the areas of their lives that are a priority. Therefore I am not a priority or spending time together is not a priority. Therefore I am stopping all my planning activities except if it is for me and my girlfriends. I want to see if he notices.

It bothers me less though these days as I am busy, so I am just venting a little.

It;s not like I haven't mentioned this before. His response, you know I'm no good at planning, I will mess it up. He can plan golf though, so I think that is just plain bone laziness.

Ladies, does this happen in many of your marriages?

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