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Re: Planning holidays, dates etc

Ok, not married here. Been with my current partner almost a year.

Much of what we do is ad hoc. It's assumed that I'll spend each weekend at his place unless something else comes up, but we're flexible with that. If I have a day off work (holiday, etc), we assume the same. We always try to do something either Friday or Saturday night, and the other night we stay home. Again, we play it by ear, but we have a pretty regular activity for that weekend evening. About once a month, he likes to surprise me by taking me to my favorite brunch place where they have crab legs on the buffet. If we do something during the week, it's usually because I plan it or come up with an idea, but he's always game, and sometimes he comes up with something he would like us to do.

Vacations have been evenly shared in terms of planning, and we do much of the planning together. When we went to Savannah for Thanksgiving week, I did most of the planning--but he did all of the driving. He also has to arrange for a dog sitter, etc, so that's extra planning that he has to do that I'm exempt from. We were initially planning on going to Mexico, but that didn't work out for external reasons--I was taking care of the hotel, etc b/c it was my vacation share, but he was taking care of the airfare, and we checked in with each other on pretty much everything.

He's kind of a homebody. He jokes that I drag him out of the house and make him do fun things. I don't mind making more of the plans than he does, or putting more effort into planning, because that's just the way that I am. As long as he joins me and is in pleasant spirits, I don't mind--I'm just happy that we're doing it together. (He does get grumpy when traveling sometimes--he doesn't really like traveling. He did NOT like the fact that I needed a pee break every 1.5-2 hrs on the drive to Savannah, but he did is best not to complain!)

I hope that this stays consistent and doesn't change as we're together longer.

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