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Re: Planning holidays, dates etc

Maybe your husband doesn't enjoy the activities you plan, or the way you plan them. I was like that with my ex, I am very good at planning and coordinating things, yet when I would make plans she would always alter those plans. A dinner with another couple turned into a cookout for 30 people at our house, a family vacation to the mountains would get flipped around to a beach vacation because that's what her family wanted to do, even though they weren't included in my original plan. Everything turned into a big ordeal. Eventually I just stopped planning anything.

My hobby is long distance bicycling, when I plan a bike trip it's simple, call a buddy, "hey you want to go?", him; "I'm in, where we going?". Same as planning a golf outing, "6:00 AM tee time, you in?" "yep"

OP there seems to be a disconnect in what you want and what he wants. Have you truly talked this issue out?
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