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My Bed Started Walking

I fly for an airline and am gone three or four days at a time and home three or four days at a time. I've had suspicions For quite some time that my wife was screwing around, nothing concrete, she's very good at covering her tracks. A few years ago I suspected a sexual affair with an older male coworker. She was deleting tons of text from him, started kissing me differently during sex, when we had it, and just acted different. She has a history of "sexting" men when she was younger that I discovered was going on before we wed 7 years ago. I also discovered just after getting married that she's been hiding a cocaine problem from me. She did go to treatment and was clean for several years, but I also suspect she uses prescription speed now periodically. This started around the time the suspected affair was going on with the male coworker. Her MO revolves around social media. I've noticed when I'm gone she is up late on FB Messenger, but when I'm home she's not on there as much. There just never has been any profound "this is it" discovery where I know for sure. I do need to get this off my chest and see if what I'm thinking regarding the following situation makes any logical sense? About eight months ago, I came home from a three day trip was doing some vacuuming in our bedroom. I noticed that our mahogany sleigh bed had moved six or 7 inches off of the wall. I asked my wife about this yet she denied knowing the cause. In fact, it's sort of became a running joke between us that our house was haunted or something. We have a mostly sexless marriage, and I won't go into the details with all that but only bring it up to say we rarely have sex. As soon as I got serious about marrying her, she started pushing me away. Two nights ago we had a long talk about our relationship-really breaking through some territory that needed to be talked about and we both felt better about things. One thing led to another And we had very passionate, very "enthusiastic" kind of sex. Like we did when we first met ten years ago. We both agreed we haven't had sex like this in many years. Later that evening, it dawned on me to see if this action caused our bed to move. For the last eight months I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what could cause this other than her having sex with someone while I was away. Went to the bedroom and sure enough the bed had moved yet another 6 inches off of the wall. In 8 months time the only activity that has caused the bed to memic what it had done previously was our sex that night. For the life of me or should I say for the life of my marriage, I can't think of another cause to make that bed move like that. Any ideas? Am I thinking about this too much? Is this a smoking gun that one would feel comfortable throwing the towel in on? I know everyone on here sees lots of these post, and I just want to say thank you in advance for any light one could shed on a very difficult time in my life.

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