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Re: My Bed Started Walking

Jet Pilot,

If you are smart enough to fly a plane full of passengers, you are too smart to not know that a bed does not move on its own. Now add that to you stating that you and wife rarely have sex, and someone with half your IQ would know either your wife does not like sex or she is getting it elsewhere with you travelliung so much.

Now add in the FB peculiarities ,and my guess is your reason for coming here is 100% spot on.

Take the advice. Buy a good VAR and put it in her car, or buy two and put one where your computer is or where she spends most of her time at home and you will get your answers quickly. And get your cell records if you have a family plan.

With her history with co workers, I would start there in looking for OM.

Do not confront her yet.

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