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Re: Not sure what to do - Positive HPV test

My wife was my first kiss at 17. She had kissed two boyfriends prior to me but no other sexual contact. She told me once that in fourth grade, she and some of her friends (female) experimented with some stuff but that's pretty much it. Neither of us were molested that we know of... we spent a couple of hours last night talking about any possible scenarios that could have lead to this. Nothing of a sexual nature comes up.

To clarify slightly something I stated above, I have absolutely no reason to think that she would have been unfaithful to me recently (past 8 years). There were suspicions from the 5 or 6 years prior to that which were based primarily on my own insecurities but there were some legitimate questionable situations. I'm not referring to an emotional affair or anything of that type but rather situations that gave rise to concerns. Examples: Finding a door locked when she was having a private conversation with a male friend when I wasn't supposed to be home; Physical training sessions with a male trainer in a private location; etc... I didn't keep a log but for the most part they were things that, by the light of today sound like a jealous, paranoid husband talking but at the time, and during a 6 month period of significant marriage issues and no physical relations, fed my suspicions and insecurity. I trust my wife, I trust when she tells me that nothing happened. We talked through those issues and emerged with a stronger, more secure marriage. But I look back at those times and I wonder, would I even blame her if she slipped all those years ago... would she even tell me, knowing what it would do to our marriage and our family.
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