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Re: Not sure what to do - Positive HPV test

As I said, they were some legitimate questions.... and we spent a lot of time talking through them. I was satisfied by the end of those discussions that she had been faithful and that, in her words, frankly she never considered cheating and thus didn't take any precautions. After she understood, from my perspective, why I was bothered, she made some changes in the way she dealt with other men in one on one situations. She also better understood why I took such pains in being careful in how I interacted with Women one on one. Our relationship and marriage was more important than even mistaken perceptions. That point was further reinforced when one of the guys she hung out with so carelessly actually hit on her at our house while I wasn't there. When that's guys marriage inevitably ended, his wife found he had been with a number of women over the years. My wife realized how she was putting herself and our marriage at risk and she changed.

My wife is very outgoing and friendly and some guys can mistake that for interest. In some ways, despite her intelligence, she is very naive and she simply doesn't consider the way things are perceived. I attribute her actions during that period to naivete, rather than intent. I've known her for almost 30 years and we've essentially grown up together. If something did happen during that time, it would have been unexpected rather than planned... a result of our marriage troubles and interest shown her while we were struggling. ... but I would still want to know.... I think.
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