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Re: Not sure what to do - Positive HPV test

Originally Posted by adegirl2016 View Post
HPV is such a tricky STI. I feel like there are a lot of unknowns.
I didn't think she was cheating until your second post. Conversations with male friends behind a locked door? What?
The explanation was that she didn't know how it got locked. she was embarrassed at the time and I was mad. Thinking back on it, I believe now that the guy locked the door with intent and without her realizing. Full disclaimer, He also went to high school with us and we've known him for a long time. He's also the guy who later specifically drove to my house to hit on my wife, which she called me about immediately. Since his marriage dissolved, we've determined that he's essentially been living a lie for the past 15 years... and doing a great job of it....

That fact is not comforting at all because he is someone who may have been able to convince my wife to do something back in those days and she would be further reluctant to admit it because his wife is still one of her closest friends we've found that he slept or tried to sleep with a number of women in that circle.
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