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Re: Wife is choosing other man

@Clemson, did you notice that the same way she obsessed over you in the beginning, is the same way she is obsessing with this other man? I see a pattern. Your wife has a super co-dependent personality.

The time you two spent working on your career might have played a role in the affair. But that isn't your fault. This is life; sometimes people get busy with life. Not an excuse for her to cheat. She took the easiest way and did not fight for the marriage. She did not express that she was unhappy. She says she didn't know she was unhappy? So she is immature and not self-aware.

She looks like she has moved on. You are going to have to do the same. Don't drink alcohol. Get plenty of sleep. Maybe start exercising. Go 180 on her. Since you two have no children that makes it easier to focus on being a better you.

Godspeed, OP.

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