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Re: Wife is choosing other man

You have been given the most difficult for you to accept, and the most correct advice possible.

As a man who went through a similar situation and seen others firsthand, I can tell you this. What happened was totally out of your control. This happens sometimes even to "perfect" husbands. You sound like a far better husband than I.

The key to your healing, I have discovered, is acceptance.
You can get closer to acceptance by doing everything you can to move forward in your life without her. Start a new hobby, get a second job, start dating.
Get your mind off her. Fix it, as hard as it will be, so that she has zero contact with you. I know how impossibly hard it is, but seeing it talking to her, even for an instant, will set you. Ack days. No contact. Zero. Accept that she is gone. Once a woman falls out of love with you, it will never truly return.

I'm so sorry.
The good news is, regardless of how differently you feel right now, you- as a good, loyal man--- are a hot item, and it will be easier than you think to find a new woman who actually lives you.

Your wife is a low-character trollip.
Accept it and move on. Do NOT look back.
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