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Re: red flags everywhere or am I crazy?

Originally Posted by youaremetoo View Post
I have been looking at phone records and she actually told him that she got fired she texted him first so that was the first lie that got me going. She said she lied to me to save herself from me cuz I'm so jealous.

So we are in therapy now and she lied to the therapist now too saying she didn't invite him but I brang up the phone records and she just says she doesn't remember.
So first she remembers and then she "forgets" in between then and therapy? Did you bring up how she magically remembered the last time you talked about it or did you accept her lying to the therapist?

Originally Posted by youaremetoo View Post
Now the therapist says I need to just get over this and stop thinking about it or else we can't do therapy anymore. And that I can only talk to the therapist about it cuz my wife cries.
So your wife told your therapist about a man who stalked her for years and the therapist said nothing about it? Gave no advice on what to do if this man stalks her again? Pretended like it was totally fine and normal and you're the only one that has a problem with it? What a terrible therapist. If she believed your wife's sketchy story about this excoworker stalking her and didn't act surprised, shocked, appalled, and gave your wife support and information on what to do if he resurfaces, she didn't buy your wife's lies either and yet she expected you to swallow that bull. You can't continue on with a therapist who thinks it's fine and dandy for your wife to repeatedly lie to you and want you to accept that just because she cries when confronted.

Originally Posted by youaremetoo View Post
He hasn't texted her at all and I said I want to see whatever he texts her she said she would show me. But I dunno maybe she's just talking to him using her work email.
You tipped your hand when you told her about the phone log. She's taken the communication underground either by email or an app on her phone.

Originally Posted by youaremetoo View Post
It seems like him and her would mess around then come back to their spouses. They only texted on weekdays during business hours.
AND she did this before with her last husband. She just got a little bit better at hiding it this time. I think you're entirely correct about what went on. From everything you have said, it's pretty obvious. So now that you know she's a liar, a cheater, and she will never fess up to it, what do you want to do about it?
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