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I dont know why you wouldn't throw her $hit out on the lawn. See ya later babe! Adios!

Unless you don't have any self respect..

And hey is this bozo married himself? If so rat him out to his wife immediately.

Also see a divorce lawyer. And quit talking to your wife about her feelings. Really? Why the F would her feelings be important right now - she is the one cheating!

Tell her you don't want to wear a tshirt that says Plan B the rest of your life and you want a divorce. Get a lawyer. Make her earn her way back, if that is what you want later. Why are you the one groveling when she is a giant POS??? She should be worried about keeping you. Sure doesn't sound like it.

Time for being nice is over pal. Sooner you figure it out the better for you. Or you can keep believing the crap she is telling you. As if you can trust her to be honest now....

Good luck. F her.
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