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Re: OPEN confession of a confused man. (please dont judge)

Originally Posted by SuperConfusedHusband View Post
Mid life crisis is about not being satisfied with your job or life in general isn't it? I discussed this possibility with my therapist but he seems to think it's not that simple.
Well you are in the right age group and doing some pretty darn simple things that most people in the brinks of midlife do. You are fantasizing about having a fling. You are dipping your toes, pretty soon you will fall straight into an affair and then the midlife crisis will begin.

Seek another therapist. This one is not a good match for a man your age. Find a male one that has experience with men going through midlife and avoid a crisis. Midlife is a right of passage just like teenage years. Some come out of it with their lives pretty much better than before and some really mess up just like teenagers that engage in risky behaviors like doing drugs, experimenting sexually, feeling depresses or unfullfilled and bored.

You are into risky behaviors of the sexual type. You will eventually get caught if you don't nip these fantasies in the bud. If you want a new life, then leave your wife and seek a new partner or partners. You are not a teenager anymore. At midlife engaging in these risky behaviors can be very harmful to you in the long run. Did you sow your oats when you were young? Do you feel you missed out on something in your youth and now you feel the need to explore what you didn't explore in your youth?

If you love your wife, then seek help and get into some midlife crisis forums. You will see that what you are doing is indeed very normal of what others do during midlife. Please seek help so that you can make an informed decision about which route you wish to take at this point in your life.

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