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Re: Husband dictates when arguments are over

Have your purse and keys sitting next to the door. Do not have your phone with you. Have it on a charger with the ringer on somewhere in the house. When husband arrives home from work, be dressed cute, make up done etc.

"As you know we have been dealing with a serious ongoing problem in our marriage. I understand that from you perspective, there is no point continuing any problem solving conversations. You get to say anything and everything you want, yet then tell me to get over it and not discuss it. As your wife, and the mother of your three children it is time that you show me the respect I deserve. If you want me to continue to hear out your side of things, you will absolutely do the same for me. Should you choose to continue to treat me like I have no value, I will be arranging to change our circumstances so that you never need to hear my side of anything again. That's all I have to say right now. This is the only and final warning I will be giving you. Take your time to process it clearly. The future happiness of our family is in your hands. I hope you decide to make good choices on how you will treat me from now on."

Walk toward the door. Look back and say, "I'm leaving now. Watch the kids." Then leave. Stay gone a few hours. He will try blowing up your phone, but will quickly see you don't have it. This gives him time to think about what you have said, and the fact that you are going to make a believer out of him.


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