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Re: Husband dictates when arguments are over

Originally Posted by Saibasu View Post
Speaking honestly?

Yeah I could. Though I'm never going to tell him that

He drives me crazy, but that's only one part of him. I wouldnt dream of leaving him over it though. Can't throw away ten years because of this issue. I knew what he was like when I married him and he is RIDICULOUSLY SLOWLY working on himself.

For me, marriage is for life. When one thing stops working, you sort it out. May take sometime sure, but I know I'll get through to him eventually.

He's just a hard headed bastard that I love.
Hey Saibasu,
yes I understand what you are going through I had a father like that and my mother was like you! She will never leave him because she loved him.
Eventually me and my 2 siblings grew up and both my brother and sister dont speak to my father, and blame my mother for not leaving him. I have accepted it and talk to both but resent both too.
Is that what you are looking for, for your kids?
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