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Re: Husband dictates when arguments are over

Originally Posted by SuperConfusedHusband View Post
Hey Saibasu,
yes I understand what you are going through I had a father like that and my mother was like you! She will never leave him because she loved him.
Eventually me and my 2 siblings grew up and both my brother and sister dont speak to my father, and blame my mother for not leaving him. I have accepted it and talk to both but resent both too.
Is that what you are looking for, for your kids?
Yes. That's what I want for my kids. For them to resent us.

Seriously though, he is working on himself. It's slow going but I won't discredit the work he has put into bettering himself. He was worse before and is working on his issues.

No one is perfect, I'm no exception. He loves me and our children and puts effort in despite its slow to change nature. And our children are never privy to our issues.

Is he childish? Abso-****ing-lutely. But less than before. We are pretty damn young so I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt.

But I get what your saying all the same.
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