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Re: Husband dictates when arguments are over

Originally Posted by aine View Post
When you are on better terms, sit him down and tell him the long term consequences of his actions.
1. The kids will eventually grow up and not need you
2. You will have much more free time, might even get a job, etc and be more independent, no longer tied to the house with kids
3. If you keep stuffing these issues, it will eventually lead to resentment
4. Resentment will rear its ugly head many years down the road and when you have more power in the relationship you will use it
5. It could end up in the end of the marriage, a woman will forgive but never forgets. The emotional overdraft he is creating now will be to his detriment in the future when he needs some emotional deposit in the bank, for the bigger ****-ups. He won't have any credit.
6. He sounds immature, keeping count of diaper changes, etc.

Tell him this calmly and then get up and walk away, no further discussion. Let him think on it.
These are wise words. There already is some resentment I will admit but he is improving. I'm no angel either that's for damn sure, but he definitely needs to grow up some more and is slowly working on it.
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