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Re: Husband dictates when arguments are over

Originally Posted by Saibasu View Post
I agree. There is definitely a power struggle here and lord knows I could do with some respit from the madness.

Maybe for the short run it would be worth it, give him no reason to get snotty and when he does shut him down quick.

But long term no way, he's either in it with me 100% or 0% .
Just to clarify, I'm not talking about walking on eggshells so you don't "start" a fight. No, no. I'm talking about doing everything your damn self. As far as you're concerned, he's just a household decor item. Temporarily. Sometimes, men don't like to be asked and as women we're not always aware of how we ask... Sometimes the ask ends up being more like a tell which doesn't benefit anyone.

I just think this approach will give you that respite.
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