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Re: So angry at husband!

Just because a car has trouble starting doesn't necessarily mean it's unsafe to drive or is going to break down as your driving. Heck if the cable connection was loose at the battery and tightening the clamp down fixed it I would have been comfortable sending my family across the country. Do you know why the car didn't start? Do you know what he did to get it started?

Know what I kept thinking as I read your post? Take his car..take his car..why not take his car??

That's all it would have taken to stop the drama....."use my car for the next couple days until we get yours straightened out". Yes he should have suggested it to prove his concern for your welfare, but his suggestion or yours, doesn't matter, that was the instant fix. He gets to go to soccer practice and you get to know he's concerned about your welfare by giving you the dependable car.

I'm going to say there's a hundred other things that caused this simple issue to blow up into such a fight. OP the resentment toward your husband was just dripping off your post, I don't know the background so maybe he deserves it but I personally think both of you handled this issue immaturely and with a lack of common sense.

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